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Fuel economy for home heating


One of the chief advantages if a thermostat is that it maintains an even temperature in the house throughout the day.

Avoid heating the house to a high temperature during the winter months. It is generally agreed that an overheated house is detrimental to health, particularly when the system is exposed to sudden, sharp changes in temperature on leaving the house.

Keep the room temperature at 68 to 70 degrees.

Another point to consider is that when a house is overheated, doors and windows must be opened to cool it off. The loss of heat-and therefore fuel-that accompanies this practice is most uneconomical.

Again, from the standpoint of heating economy, it should be remembered that when the house temperature rises above 70 degrees, fuel consumption will go up sharply.

A house heated to 80 degrees will require about 15 per cent more fuel than is needed at 70 degrees.

The first step in saving fuel is to avoid letting the fire burn so rapidly that it must be allowed to die down to reduce the heat. For hand-fired furnaces, keep a full bed of coal and regulate burning by means of the drafts.

Keep the temperature of the house as near 70 degrees as possible during the day. There is a general practice of letting the fire burn very low at night and forcing it in the morning.

A better plan is to reduce the fire slightly during the night, so that the house does not become chilled. When a room is thoroughly chilled, it requires a great deal of heat to make it comfortable again. Heat must be absorbed by the walls and ceiling before the air is warmed.

Most people like to sleep with a window open, and this can be a source of considerable loss of heat unless the radiators in that room are turned off and the door shut, to prevent chilling the rest of the house.

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